Hearth Alive Again

Back home – a  stove is found for sale by two lovely ladies in Carndonagh

fitting stoveHeavy as heck these cast iron stoves are best manoeuvred by a car jack

back pipeOur hearth is fairly shallow so we must use the back pipe

flu adapterAnd flue adapter – to create a sleeve between the clay pipe and the stove.

platform shoeA rather large tilt in the floor means improvising with some cast iron bolts – to make a platform shoe –  under which the stove’s own weight is kept steady.

side doorThis model has a handy side door for loading logs. The stove puts out 8kw of heat – ample for this space.

kettle is onFor the first time in (nobody remembers how many) years – a fire leaps up the chimney of this little thresher byre.

Basket by Peter O'Conor

Basket by Peter O’Conor

As if that were not pleasure enough  –  this lovely gift arrives by way of house-warming!

4 thoughts on “Hearth Alive Again

  1. Brilliant that the stove sticks out into the room – so often when they put intio old hearth they are under the breast with most of the heat escaping straight up the chimney. And that side door for refuelling is not something that I’ve ever seen. A very canny purchase for a very perfect home.

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