Chamfered Windows

One of the most significant components in determining a building’s character are windows – the eyes of a house.

To maximise light penetration the cottage always has splayed or chamfered window openings (above). The splay is at an angle of roughly 45 degrees.

Cottages often have no rear windows, but in some cases they have a very small window, outwardly  splayed to shelter glass from battering winds (right).

Building upon uneven ground it is important to check levels regularly..

..we use a water level – a clear plastic pipe filled with water.  Kieran holds it (at eye level) to where the water level matches the correct wall top height.

Across on the opposite side of the building we hold the other end of the pipe. The water level shows us the corresponding correct wall height.  Seriously neat.

In a stone house small windows help make for cosy winter months and cool summers, akin to how a cave works.

Our cottage shall have a total of five windows made by a local carpenter measuring 37” x 28” with hardwood frames and double glazing.

What do you think?

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