Their Memory is in my Mind

September in Ireland means  Feile na gChloch – Festival of Stone, once more


Whereas in previous years we have stuck to dry stone wall building –  this year offers new skills


Such as the ancient art of stone letter cutting – mentored under the excellent eye and hand of Karin Sprague    


With the rare chance to take a workshop with fine art sculptor Alexandra Morisco


Both Karin and Alexandra have been at work on a memorial to honour those islanders lost at sea


The stone depicts a curragh caught in a wave & is inscribed with words by Ireland’s unacknowledged poet laureate Mártín Ó Direán


 Maireann a gcuimhne fós i m’aigne
Is mairfidh cinnte go dté mé i dtalamh.

“Their memory is in my mind still
And will surely remain till I go into the clay”.


For drowning goes with the territory of island life


with the graveyard itself sitting high on a dune where the sea can not ravage it


Here a sunken church –

Teampall Chaomháin – reminds us of the ever shuffling sands of time 


                  This lump of limestone is mine to play with


While to the west the memorial stone finds it’s home



Islander Ned Ó Congaile,  Karin and Alexandra

Sometimes it is hard to leave Inis Oirr



yet always take fond and happy memories home


12 thoughts on “Their Memory is in my Mind

  1. I think you are a fabulous photographer. Thank you for your well laid out blog posts; they are consistently a delight! We have limestone quarries not too far from where we live here in north central Oklahoma, USA. Thanks so much!

    1. That is quite the compliment thank you – especially since I am too lazy to read the instructions for my pocket camera resulting in lots of badly focused/badly lit shots, which I try to correct afterwards – but hard to go wrong with a wonderful location!

  2. Hi Louise,
    As usual you have produced another beautiful Blog.
    What a befitting Memorial sculpture Alexandra and Karin created to honour the Inis Oirr inhabitants who gave up their lives to the sea.
    It was great to meet you again at another very successful and enjoyable Féile na gCloch and I’m sorry for not getting more time for a chat.

    1. Hi Eddie – the warm glow in the aftermath of Feile na gCloch says it all. Being that I wasn’t working on the wall, missed some good chat time but the beauty is, there is always next time.

    1. Hi Nick – I’ve added Brian Kaller’s great article on Lime Kilns to the title page ‘What is Lime’ – thanks!
      The absence of ungelded creatures was noted at Feile na gCloch this year. Let me know how the book is going!

    1. Hi Bridget – we shall just have to settle for life on the bigger island..
      I love the shape of that big triangular stone, the carved detail, and how it creates a portal to the sea. These talented women carved it in only three weeks.

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