‘God made the land – but we made the field’

Lately we took a wee trip in a wee plane


Back to Inis Oírr

cliffs of mohar beyondWe remember a time not so long ago, when we travelled here with Martin. 

He forgot to undo his seat belt  –  almost dragged that little plane across the runway!


Inis Oírr – a blessed world apart

For stone animals like ourselves  –  tis like going home

Inis OirrNative islander and expert waller – Padraig Poil –  took us across his hand crafted fields, where we see a nine foot high wind break



I explain to Patsy Mc Anaw, that Padraig built this wall when he was 17.

‘No no no’ – Padraig interrupts


 ‘I was 18’

Padraig Poil & Patsy Mc AnawEither way – Patsy is impressed.

On the most westerly shore –  lies an area called the ‘Ria’ – where Padraig crafts a new field



 Battling with the open Altantic – every stone must be lifted –  before a carpet of sand and seaweed can be laid down, making it fit for grazing

20150425_150509Most troublesome are the small stones to be raked and shoveled

shovelling stone on the Riathen barrowed as fill


for this ledge, to create a grassy slope instead

hand crafted field

Bigger stones are moved to a further field – for walling

20150425_161722We did pick out a nice slab which shall travel to Tír Chonaill Stone Festival – to find a home in Glencolmcille – where Padraig is our guest waller.

It is a stone bond between our two Gaeltacht communities

20150424_201022With luck we shall return soon

harbour Inis Oirr

7 thoughts on “‘God made the land – but we made the field’

  1. Great photos and great folk in them too. Padraig Pol is going to be enjoying his holidays in Donegal this June and looking forward to seeing you Donegal folk here in Tipp soon after.

  2. Those walls are songs in stone indeed but that windbreak is a symphony. Hard yakka from all involved ‘twould seem, esp the itsy bitsy irritation of the small stones, each one missed enough to turn a spade or puncture a boot in years to come if it stays hidden in the created soil.

  3. My friends and I recently stayed with Padraig at his bed and breakfast called the “Mermaid’s Garden” he’s an amazing man at 72 years of age.

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