Announcing the dates of the next Tirconnell Stone Festival

Friday19th – Sunday 21st June 2015


To be held in the stunning Glencolmcille in west Donegal

Part of the Wild Atlantic Way – an area of outstanding beauty


The usual suspects could be found here today on a reconnoitre mission


A perfect location for a stone festival – Glencolmcille is a wealth of archaeological sites and artefacts which dates from 3,000 b.c. 


The festival shall include a tour of pre-Christian standing stones, which were cross-inscribed during the Christian era


 Meantime – we size up a ball of quartz


The eye cannot settle but it lights upon a fortune of stone built heritage



Schist is the native gear here. Phaid Cunningham contemplates the possibilities

20141130_135914Are we not blessed to belong to such gorgeous territory?


It would be pure selfish not to share it

20141130_143401Gleann Cholm Cille – the Valley of Colmcille

20141130_145135Join us if you can. It promises to stir the soul



7 thoughts on “Glencolmcille

  1. how are ye lads my god it looks beautiful I would love to attend the stone festival can you give me any details . price ,lodgings course looking forward to seeing ye . keep up the good work

    1. Jim – hows it going – hope you are keeping that singing voice fit for purpose because we look forward to the old Cork songs again. Plenty of cheap accomodation in Glen and booking details shall follow as soon as we can manage. The dates are set in stone, so mark them down! Louise

    1. Hi Philip – thanks for your interest – as yet we are still organizing the details of the event, but the dates are rock solid, and we would love to see you here.
      Note this blog for further details but also our Facebook page is ”Tirconnell Stone Festival”
      And our Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland website is here –!training/cx3b – where registration forms shall shortly be available.

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