Back to Basics

Interesting times in Ireland

P1110199We have mass protest – sparked by water charges

Tipping point arrived about six weeks ago

IMG_1006All of a sudden austerity has become too much

IMG_3467Many feel that we have come back to ourselves – at last

IMG_3445To what is fundamental – water; shelter; food; a warm hearth

IMG_3469During a recent visit to Carrigart, we stopped at Teach John Mici Ban

IMG_3506There was a demonstration of slate cutting, using Roisin Slate from a nearby quarry



IMG_3494The peg is made from beech and the slates hang on lathes held by their own weight

IMG_3495Teach Mici Ban has a wonderful collection of old agricultural tools

Like this forge bellows

IMG_3417This pulper was used to mash-up cooked turnips and potatoes for cattle feedIMG_3484A butter mold

IMG_3437A seed fiddle, hand-operated for the broadcast of seed

IMG_3500As for our long overdue uprising – time alone shall tell

”They tried to bury us. They did not know we were seeds.”



2 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Another lovely blog Louise, and the sentiments are so true.

    Alas! the homely turf fire burning on the hearth will soon be no more. Where will the turf be harvested without breaking European law?

    Personally, I hope the water protests continue. This quango, Uisce Eireann is a shambles and should be disbanded. As for the Government’s u-turn on charges, it’s a vote-getting scam. Just wait a few years, if this monster revenue collection agency is allowed to get of the ground, we will be paying through our teeth. Don’t forget that this charge is being imposed to pay for the catastrophic gambles taken by the big European Banking speculators. They got their Bonds paid back with interest – now the poor people pay dearly so that they can continue to speculate.

    It is not often that I get angry with Government impositions on the electorate, but this is one scam to far!! There are fairer ways to pay for water.

    Having got that of my chest, phew!, I really enjoy all your blogs. They are so interesting and so well put together. I hope that you are keeping well and that you got the damp problems in your cottage successfully remedied.

    Best regards, Eddie.

    1. Hello Eddie!
      Hope this finds you well and enjoying your studies.
      Certainly the pressure on governerment by mass protest is exactly as you say – the future holds nothing for ordinary citizens but further exploitation. I feel confident that the protests will continue to be be massive on Dec 10th in Dublin, because people are now awake, and can actually see how the government is trying to decieve them. The issue has now gone far beyond water charges – it is about the blatant incompetence, cronyism and injust acts of government. There is no reason, if protest pressure is maintained, that the people can’t achieve lasting and meaningful reform – across the board – including how we relate to the EU.

      Happy to report that the dampness problems in the cottage are indeed resolved by the coat of render!

      We would all love to see you in Donegal in June, if you can possibly make it…
      Meantime, keep the faith.

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