How to apply Lime Render

What an extraordinary summer.  Half way into September & dry warm weather gives and gives

wraps off

Remember our leaking north west gable ?  protruding ledges collected pools of rain for wind to force water right through the wall


The first remedy is to point it

Patsy pointing

 We use NHL5  (supplies left over from building, but on hindsight, NHL3.5 would have been sufficient).

pointing with lime

The wall is made as flush as possible



Drying conditions are good – warm and breezy. The wall must be wetted regularly to stop mortar from drying out too fast

whitewash brush

A scratch coat is added the following day.

Using the same mix (2:1  – sharp schist sand:NHL5) but mixed slightly looser.

For the best chance to stick, the mix is flung onto the wall

scratch coat

There are differing schools of thought as to when to apply a second coat.

This varies from within a few hours, to after a few weeks.

We opt to apply it sooner rather than later – given fortunate conditions – and before the scratch coat has hardened, but is firm to the touch.

gable with scratch coat

It is important not to overwork the second coat but rather it should be spread in one or two strokes. This is to prevent drawing lime to the surface

second layer

Patsy dampens down the bare stone around the window before rendering

damping down

then rubs with a sponge to finish


The render needs dampened down for at least ten days, to prevent shrinkage

damping down

 Hairline cracks can be rubbed before the render entirely dries. Otherwise they can be healed by a wash of quick lime



This lovely undulating surface is impossible to recreate with cement or on brick walls

finished gable

Surely it is bound to make a fair difference


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