Carving Stone with Brendan McGloin

You wake up one day & the storm is over.


By winter we huddled in Kinlough – carving stone.


Under the skillful hand of Brendan Mc Gloin – (He of the High Cross)

With the usual suspects (here with McBreaty & Mc Anaw)


We are making vessels here.  Power tool cuts in segments,  then hand chisel them out easier.


Patsy has taken out the waste stone, then sands his almost baptismal font of a bowl.

He is a natural at stone.


Here Brendan advises Kieran Keeney on how to carve a triskele


Paul Cunningham meanwhile forges ahead.


While Brendan shows me how to use a sandbox to hold a stone while punching out a surface


Come see & learn from the master himself at the Tírconnell Stone Festival


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