Tír Conaill Stone Festival

 Hibernia –  a whole string of storms later.  Behold what remains of our walls along the western seaboard


Perhaps you would like to join us to rebuild at

  Tír Conaill Stone Festival 2014



A Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland event


Dry Stone Wall Workshop  ——  Stone Carving Workshop


 To be held at Mountcharles Pier – June 20th to 22nd

To celebrate our stone heritage in a region where yellow sandstone has been mined since the middle ages


Together we are rebuilding our heritage 

Óisín and Jacob build for Connacht

The programme to include talks by local historians and master stonemasons.

9 thoughts on “Tír Conaill Stone Festival

    1. Hi Mal – the wall is now a pile of rubble & has taken many hits. It shall be rebuilt to a meter in height (before coping) along roughly 50 meters of coastal road. Hope to see you there!

    1. Thanks Bridget we are hoping for a good turnout, with fifty meters of wall to build, we need it. The carving picture is Brendan Mc Gloin’s work, who shall be running workshops at the event.

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