Its a Wrap

A fresh rush ‘cross’ marks the feast of Bridget or Imbolg – Cross Quarter Day – midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

Certainly we have a belly full of water.  It collects on small ledges upon the outer gable wall, seeps into the ancient stone, possibly aided by through stones – meant for strength –  but which lead water directly inside!


 I am disturbed by the level of saturation.


  So quickly work to seal the underside of the loft against damage. Until an outdoor solution can be applied, meaning, until we get good dry spell…




Against the mightiest storms in living memory

Unprecedented waves of seventy-seven foot decimate our western sea front


Shortly our little arrangement comes undone


So. Once more, with feeling



With big winds due tonight again


15 thoughts on “Its a Wrap

  1. The Queen is having some trouble with her roof too. Maybe you could send over a few large stones to hold the Tarp down.

  2. Louise, I’m so sorry to see that your damp problems are worsening, it’s a real sickener. Lets hope you get an opportunity to rectify the situation in the not too distant future.
    As a matter of interest, what type of sand did you use?

    1. Hello Eddie –
      glad you got back from the ‘frontline’ of Inis Óirr! No doubt last month’s devestation is just the start, given this fierce episode…

      Yes the sand used in the mortar is good sharp sand. I think the problem is the stone itself, being old and porous. Side by side, on the same gable, we have used a band of freshly quarried stone, which is completely dry.
      See above replay to Nick for details of possible solution!

  3. Would the solution not be to plaster and lime-wash the external walls? It seems likely that they would have been plastered in the past also?

  4. Was the problem fixed? …I never forget to pop in on these pages to see whether there are news from you. I miss the ‘building’ days… When do you start with the shed? 🙂

    Many best wishes from London,

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