The Gathering of Stones 2013

Nowhere on this hopeful earth would I rather be on a summer solstice than at Lough Boora Parklands at the wonderful and inspirational Gathering of Stones.

Lough Boora Sculpture by Dave Kinane

Lough Boora Parklands

Deep in the heart of Ireland a bunch of stonemasons – driven only by their love of stone & heritage – gather to build a circle.

Stonemasons listen to speeches

Stonemasons from DSWAI listen to speeches

Iconic slabs of ’emigrant stone’ from Ellis Island has already arrived and is positioned as a compass, where a tower shall be built to surround it.

Slabs from Ellis Island

Slabs from Ellis Island

Lay people and masters of the craft alike travel from afar to join us

Sunny Weiler

Sunny Wieler

The Ulster team is off to a fighting start

Tommy building for Ulster

Tommy builds for Ulster

Our Donegal stone

Rónán Crehan builds with Drumkeelan sandstone and quartz from Glencolmcille


Raising up a Mother stone

Meanwhile – across at the Connaught Wall, a feidin style structure takes shape

Tom and Lynn working with Eddie Farrlly

Tom & Lynn work beside Eddie Farrelly

Óisín and Jacob build for Connacht

Óisín and Jacob build a bay for Connaught

There is no delay for the Leinster Wall with a bouldery style, using limestone excavated from beneath the bog

Nick Aitken builds for Leinster

Nick Aitken on the Leinster Wall

                                           Happy man

A Happy Man

Stone makes people happy – connects us to the earth, to ourselves & to each other

Gathering of Stones 2013

Gathering of Stones 2013

A steady flow of visitors arrive to bring stones of their own to incorporate into the structure.


Katherine with her stone from Coolanarney, Blueball, Co.Offaly

Like Katherine – who brings a stone from her old home place, now a tumbled memory.  As a child she ploughed and thatched alongside her father, and carried stones to pile atop of walls of ancient fields.  It means everything – her stone.

carved stonesCarved stones bearing names of loved ones

Alex P carves for Ulster

Alex Panteleyenko carves for Ulster

                      Master craftsmen painstakingly carve emblem stones for each province

Munster and connaught

Leinster/ Connaught, by Christian Helling

Ken, Frasn & Val move stone from Wales

Fran Coady, Ken Curran & Wal move the lovely Welsh stone

Karl at the Connaught side

Karl Kennedy goes Connaught style

But time runs short beneath the big Offaly sky


quiet circle

in the peace of morning

”With goodness in our hearts, strength in our limbs and truth on our lips”

Gathering of Stones 2013

Gathering of Stones 2013 – photo by Sunny Wieler

11 thoughts on “The Gathering of Stones 2013

  1. Hello there! I’m a UCD academic currently writing a journal article that mentions the Gathering of Stones, and would be interested in including one of your images as illustration? Could you please contact me at emily.mark(at) Many thanks! Emily

  2. I’d love to hear more about future gatherings, inspirational talks/activities events…please keep in the loop.

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