Flagstone Floor Redeemed!

The towns of Éire are freshly painted for Patrick’s Day

Lang's in Grange

As the Ardaghy Pipe Band strikes up a march in Donegal

pipe band

Our half-door is open to allow spring warmth inside

definate half door

Although the floor looks puzzled, with these sections near the doorways having been badly smashed in the building’s agricultural past

flag floor in the rough

Some journey!  (and that’s only to speak of what happened since we lifted the floor)

lifting flagstonesA few months have passed since these flags were bedded into a Limecrete subfloor

Bern points floor

Now pointed and tamped using a fine grade sand in the Lime mix for a smooth finish – it pulls the floor together

flag joints

Who would’ve thought a smashed old floor could turn out this handsome?

finished floor

Finished by a winsome door-step, which the trusty Bernard builds.

S/E door step   We laid this floor with a slender fall (of two inches) – so as to easily sweep water out

virgin swept                     and so that if a cup of tea gets spilled – the tea will roll out the west door

more of floor                                                                  into the sea


6 thoughts on “Flagstone Floor Redeemed!

  1. Now that is what i call a HEAVY jigsaw, to have lifted and then replaced those stones. Some loose rushes strewn on the floor before the hearth and scrubbed with turf ash each morning as in the old days. What a perfect construction you have accomplished.

  2. I love your floor, but also the the two doors on either side of the cottage, looking at your picture I can just smell that fresh spring air blowing in, through to the seaward side and hear the distant waves rolling in over the sandy beach

  3. Beautiful, now time for me to start laying mine rather than sitting in the pub drinking beer

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