Happiness is Hardwood

Behold our high quality hardwood half-door.

John Friel (left)John Friel (on the left) – well his dad established Friary Carpentry in the seventies at Lough Eske. He specialises in staircases like this gorgeous oak one.

oak stairs at Friary CarpentryJust for me – John made these traditional strap doors..

interior doorAnd with the help of this fantastic post war piece of kit..

Wadkin frame cutter

this sash window

sash windowHappiness is –  a sash window in a stone gable.


7 thoughts on “Happiness is Hardwood

  1. Hard, no, impossible to dispute that ‘happiness is a sash window in a stone gable”. And that door is a thing of beauty, as well as practical for keeping the fowl out but letting the light & air in.

  2. Awesome stuff Louise. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to follow this authentic journey of celebration of our vernacular Irish build heritage. It must be some feeling to get to this point. Happiness is indeed a sash window in a stone gable. 🙂

  3. Louise this looks amazing! I was lovely to see you the other week, we were all really touched that you came. I will be following progress with interest. The windoes are indeed a thing of beauty.

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