Schist Roof at Loughros Point

In late December here the wind would rip the head off your shoulder.

clothes lineBut here is dark grey and leaden-coloured pyritous schist –  hand crafted into this most beautiful old roof.

stone roof Pointed with lime mortar

lime on stone roofWith stones carefully hand cut and graded by size.  I would hate to guess how heavy this roof is.

schist roofed shed in Loughros PointEach stone has been punched by chisel.

schist tileTomas – he remembers when this shed was roofed in the 30s and he was just a wee slip of a boyo.

Tomas BoydBack then – these old tiles came from a nearby dwelling house undergoing modernisation.  As did this magnificent cast iron range – which came from a tea shop in Ardara.

gorgeous rangeTomas bought it in 1951 for the sum of £8 – then transported the dissembled parts by horse and cart to Loughros Point. Where since the fire has never been allowed to go out.

Mc Cabes at workBack at the ranch the brave Mc Cabes wrestle with the elements.

bating the soaker‘Soakers’ are cut of lead and shaped

soaker in positionThese envelop each individual slate at the chimney interface

chimney interfaceGiving maximum protection from the (incorrigible) rain.

making the apronEqually an ‘apron’ is formed using a jig – which shall surround the chimney base.

roofing in December in IrelandFor most of December our slates are frozen solid in crates, then a sudden burst of clement weather allows for the roof to be finished (except for ridge tiles.)

north-west roofWe can not be sure but hope that January shall afford us conditions for windows and doors.


5 thoughts on “Schist Roof at Loughros Point

  1. Thanks for your comments as always. Thoughts are with friends in Tasmania and Australia facing catastrophic wildfire conditions – hoping you all keep safe.

  2. Brilliant photographs of schist roof at Loughros Point, probably one of the last, if not the last remaining examples left in Loughros Point.

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