Tar Isteach – Come Inside

Summer has truly fled with a tremendous amount of water now bucketing from the sky – a glorious 117mm for September alone.

The pressure is on to make our cottage water tight before the big baddie storms arrive.

Come inside for the guided tour.

Below is the Mountcharles style slab fireplace gable in 2011

Slabs restored to their original positions, with two new slabs added at the top.

Floor business is underway – below shows extremely skimpy foundations of the west gable.

And using a trusty water level to gauge where the flags shall be.

We dig out a further foot in depth – now two feet below floor level – in readiness for the sub floor, which shall be a breathable system.

The west door is no more – now adapted to a window.

The clever roofers leave an overhang of a foot and a half – to protect the walls from weather –  while also keeping the pitch and cladding it in the  traditional way.

3 thoughts on “Tar Isteach – Come Inside

  1. Do you put the slate right on top of the roofing fabric?
    In old Scottish cottages we have a layer of boards, called ‘sarking’ then a layer of roofing felt then the slates.

  2. The green lit interior (from the sheeting?) is very evocative and the overhanging eaves are abrilliant idea. Are they intened to be bird shelters as well? I can imagine swallows & swwifts thinking that a very des.rez. The flooring looks very complex, what is intened with the insulation?
    Good luck with the on-rushing Winter.

  3. Hi guys
    I looked up sarking boards and see it used in National Trust restoration jobs across the pond & perhaps was also used once here – but these slates are to be pinned directly onto the laths.

    Jason the roofer has built self contained bird boxes into the overhang, which can be opened up at a later date.

    Wish us luck with the floor – to be insulated with LECA. Work starts tomorrow!

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