How to Build a Stone Chimney Top (5)

A lump of lead has been cleverly folded like origami and rubbed with patination oil to avoid the lead staining un-prettily over time.

Lead flashing should be a snug fit when placed over the clay pipe and needs to be beaten gently to ensure all surfaces are in contact and the chimney is fully encased.

The edge turns up and will be later bent down over the edge of slate to stop rain from penetrating  down the chimney. Front and back an apron serves to similarly carry rain away from the stone stack and over the surface of slate instead.

Our final clay pipe is in place and the chimney is built as a pillar is, one foot above the flashing.

A few downward tilted slates are added for good measure before capping the chimney with a dome of lime mortar. We can’t forget the county colours in anticipation for the All Ireland Gaelic Football Final…

Our chimney is up! Up Donegal!

2 thoughts on “How to Build a Stone Chimney Top (5)

  1. Hard to believe this is the Thresher, as it was at the start of this job, barely 18 months ago! What a transformation. And what a contrast to the block building in the background of #5 “last Pot”. You should be very proud indeed, truly a thing of beauty.

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