The Rise of a Gable

If you acted upon the weather forecast, you would get no building done.  These nights are full of rain.  Suddenly it brightens each morning and the rain holds off rightly until darkness falls again.

Of these two rafters only one is permanent and built into the shoulder of the gable. The rafter closest to Kieran will be removed later.

No stonework should protrude above the rafter edge and if stones don’t have a natural slope of their own, they need to be marked and trimmed to size.

A tiny square window in the gable end (measuring a foot) is now too low set in the wall, so we simply block it up and draw a new position immediately above the old one. The splayed shape towards the interior is for to exploit light.

We found an old capstone amongst our quarry pile. Near the apex seems a grand spot for it.  Perhaps Kieran might like to carve upon it when the cottage is complete.

4 thoughts on “The Rise of a Gable

    1. Absolutely looking forward to Inis Oirr and catching up with you! We can’t complain having had very reasonable building weather – not sure the same goes for you guys down south!

  1. There’s a feeling or permanency when a roof goes up I’m sure. Just off Tory where a lot of the walling has seen better days unfortunately. Maybe a community project there?

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