Being Faithful in Small Things

Behold the bones of the upper room resurrected..

Into the heart of a wall we place a small bottle containing our names on rolled up paper.

The building has nice clean lines..

    ..and faithful proportions.

During the remaining mellow days of June – we reach gable height.

4 thoughts on “Being Faithful in Small Things

  1. What a Site.. If one looks back at those early pics. of deep mud and thick clothing it seems scarcely possible that such a thing of beauty has arisen. It is a credit to all involved and esp the determined Instigator, LIMEWINDOW without whose enthusiasm during vicissitude it would have remained a pile of stone. I’m weak kneed with admiration!

  2. Louise, it is a credit to yourself and the lads. From knee deep in clay and shite, to that. Its fantastic.

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