The Soft Spot

The day comes to build once more..

But there is concern about the ‘soft spot’ in our lane.

Made for horse and cart traffic, tonne loads of sand and stone are sore on the lane..

and especially on the ‘soft spot’..

an small area of pure bog where you could cut a fine burning sod with a turf spade.

We patch it up with a few barrow loads of stone & old cement block.

The weather has been nicely dry so we are optimistic it shall hold..

But immediately our repairs are buried from sight.

The soft spot has gobbled them and almost engulfed our machine too..

We stare at that spot for a very long time.

And wonder does it have a bottom? Or like many boggy spots, does it persist in its spongey supremacy for yards below  surface?

After wrestling with a mixer we know that tackle the spot – we must.

From the spot we haul our bits of stone and never was there better music than when we hit bed rock.

Four feet deep.  Flags will help spread weight over this ground that literally undulated.

Then we were fit to move ten tonnes of sand. Then dug foundations for a second room.

4 thoughts on “The Soft Spot

  1. Very scary indeed, how deep can it go! And that is a slope as well, with a ditch and deep drain on the other side so a mystery to be so soft.

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