How to build a stone fireplace in the rain (1)

Prohibitively wet – but we embark on the fireplace gable. Are we mad – or simply crazy..?

The fireplace itself is a complex wee structure with  uprights which must be wedged into foundation (half a foot below floor level) with an elliptical inner hearth…

Jambs built to each  side will support the weight-bearing fireplace pillars (above). Eventual pillar position marked (right).

It’s the last day of work experience – so the lad’s time in this paradise, is up.  Our sand supply is exhausted & scaffolding badly needed, as is a hot shower…

HUGE THANKYOU – to Mick (left); Joe; Kieran & Bernard-for the help and for the craic.

6 thoughts on “How to build a stone fireplace in the rain (1)

    1. Site is at it’s very worst now – and in general the land is at saturation point – with nothing able to soak down through. Feburary is always the ‘darkest hour’.

    1. Out of a possible 20 building days in Feb we got 7 – they say elsewhere the month was generally ‘dry’!
      But to compensate we’ve got the sexiest accent on the island & best record for No votes in referenda…
      Come visit our site when/if the weather improves.

  1. Louise, it looks like a scene from “All is quiet on the western front”. Never saw so much rain like this winter. Vote no to ze Germans.

  2. It’s gone from ‘War Horse’ to ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ between Feb & March – what the heck does the summer hold – glaciers? Vee must be prepared come what May 😀

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