February Foundation

Most welcome are three builders who’ve completed the FAS stone building course in Killybegs!  If only the weather could have proffered a more gracious start, but it’s Bríd’s Day & we start regardless – the first day of spring.

Brian Kerrigan quarried this sweet Drumkeelan sandstone for us.

And due to a short snap of frost, a dumper was fit to traverse oceans of muck leaving not a track in it’s wake. Five-ish tonne of good stone arrives upon the doorstep.

Note the size of old found stones (left) and larger new stones (right) – being used for the fireplace wall – which shall support a fair lock of weight.

Cast a covetous eye upon Kieran’s über warm & steel capped boot….

Certainly it’s good news when building with lime that our Gulf Stream mellow temperatures suddenly return. But you can’t have everything, so engulfed by luxuriant muck, we batter on.

Our tea break is blighted by news of the death of a young local man in a car crash –  Christopher Kane – who was also attending a stone building course in Donegal.  He was 19.

One thought on “February Foundation

  1. That is going to be one solid foundation those lads are laying. And talk about stalwart, in those conditions, on cold, wet and sucking blue till. They deserve high praise indeed.

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