Dig it Deep

Boot sucking muck cries out for drainage....

Despite prior efforts to number flags, that aerosol paint proves too puny for the combination of weather and abrasive feet.

I resort to a photographic record of the precise order in which the flags are lifted & stacked – accompanied by a creeping suspicion that when it comes to relaying these flags, it shall be a brain puzzling task….

Not helped when the camera battery expires at flagstone no. 8….

Homage to the those who lift & stack flagstones with the delicacy of handling sleeping infants!

With a team of builders due to come next  morning, the digger clears out what remains of old shallow foundation stones, such as they are. We decide to dig down by one foot below floor level to accommodate a sub floor. Scraped back, laser leveled, exposing the sticky ‘blue till’ – all eyes are on the forecast!

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