Stone meets Paint

From October I was compelled to paint. Who I wondered, was the original artist? This fedin wall was photographed on Inis Oírr island – but whose hands crafted such chaotic beauty?

Meanwhile the thresher building site slept under layers of rain and muck. And exceptional winds hit our coastline. Off Corks shores fishermen’s loves were lost and on shore, many roofs too.  New Year’s Day brought blessings including this rainbow, unusually mild weather, and a smell of nutty sweetness from the hedgerow – new life.

Waterlogged and unloved, the site awaits drainage. It is mucky and sodden and the uneven flagstones create a pool in one corner of the ‘room’.

It’s essential when lifting flagstones to number and record their true position, so they can be correctly replaced. The muck has gathered deep, so much shovelling to be done, after which we scrubbed the most raised corner of the flagstone and dried it with a rag, to paint.

Damp proofing and insulation shall go beneath. Given that these walls shall not be dry lined or insulated, except by lime render, this shall enhance the general coziness of the structure.

Building is to resume very soon!

10 thoughts on “Stone meets Paint

    1. Thankyou Marie – this particular painting is a almost finished – I shall post a photo here soon…
      The unknown person who built the wall is the original artist; painting his wall is a homage to him, as well as to the Island, history, hardship etc.

  1. Absolutely pointless using limecrete after putting a damproof layer in. It is now completely non breathable and any damp from under the floor, that would previously have evaporated, will now sit in the base of all your walls.

    1. Thanks for pointing out a lazy error in my blog – of course you are correct .
      At the time of writing the above entry, my ignorance about breathable building is clear. However the damp proof layer was NOT included – as the learning curve grew it was dispensed with. I shall now amend the blog as it fails to explain this shift – sorry for not making it clear!

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