Stone is Sorted

By May 2011 we finally were graced with a patch of fine weather. The chronically subsided west gable and south wall are easily tossed by pushing outward.

west gable and south wall tossed in MayNext to organize. The stone has to be kept back from the face of the wall to allow freedom of movement, so while we clear it back we also grade according to size and use.

‘Through’ stones (have a length that spans the width of the wall) and ‘bond’ stones (will be about two-thirds the width of the wall) go together in a row parallel to, but about 10 feet back from the outside wall.

Rubble stones which are smaller and make up the greatest quantity go alongside.

‘Quoin’ stones (large & square-shaped) are used for corners and openings, so are placed at ends of rows.

We’ve put the stone on top of old tin to keep them dry(ish) and cover with tarpaulin until ready to build.

We had some craic figuring out how to take down this lintel. We reckoned it was best to lower it by stages. The boys did the honours while I pushed clear one corner-stone at a time, unfairly pausing for this photo. lintel comes down by stagesWe shall reuse all of this stone. Each single pebble, slab and boulder, had to be transported here from heaven knows how far off; dug from surrounding fields & hacked from the river bed; hauled by donkey and cart from the quarry, to be placed here by hand, shoulder & sweat of brow. What heroes those people were.

2 thoughts on “Stone is Sorted

  1. That 2 storey byre seems to have been built without mortar of any kind or is it just so old that the external signs have been washed away? Imagine how stone was lifted so high in days of yore, no scaffolding or cranes or mechanical aids of any type, amazing ingenuity indeed.

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